An Anaway Holiday

An Anaway Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays at Anaway are full of special gatherings. I can trace my adult life by holiday occasions at Anaway - a proposal, a new baby, an original song, and many New Year’s Eve parties full of games, dancing and laughing, the occasional firework - and sometimes a memorial for a lost loved one. At Anaway, we greet new faces almost every year during the holidays and we savor the moments to get to know each other more deeply, walk or sled the Ridge Road in the snow

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Drift through the Driftless

Take a slow drive through the Driftless Area with our travel guide.

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Living slow in a fast-paced life

Five steps to finding your own slow lifestyle

I wake up before the sun to rouse my children and do school drop-off by 7:40 (not a minute later or you’ll be tardy). I then sit. Drink coffee. Eat toast with fruit. Only when I feel my brain light up with a calm, productive energy do I check emails, texts, and plan the day. I check which work meetings are scheduled and think about how to prepare. I consider the house remodel and what decisions need to be made or who I need to text or email to move

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Spring Dream Recap

It's been a few days since we hosted our first floral workshop at Anaway, and we're still in spring dream land. There have been very few events at Anaway, and we had a few butterflies going in, but came out of our first floral workshop feeling more inspired than ever.  The weather outside was unseasonably chilly but our on-site store was nice and warm and filled with flowers for our event, so we quickly forgot the cold and let the scent of flowers transport us to spring. This special event creat

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Anaway Home

We are delighted to announce Anaway Home, a new online offering, selected with the same design sensibility that we pour into our cabins at Anaway Place.

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Candlewood Cabins Announces Name Change

After 26 years, Candlewood Cabins announces a name change, the opening of an onsite retail store and the launch of a home goods product line.

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