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November 8, 2021

A new online offering from Anaway Place

Anaway Place is a haven for tranquility, rejuvenation and connection to nature. Time slows down and connecting to beautiful sights, textures, and natural materials inspires creativity, calm contemplation and easy moments with the ones you love. At Anaway Place, nature coexists around and within you, allowing for space and peace between the daily hustle. A moment, a laugh, or some tears, it’s a place where you can simplify and rest.

Yet, at Anaway, we believe you can cultivate mindful moments wherever you are. You can pause, notice the trees, clouds, or sounds around you. You can snuggle under a throw blanket and write poetry, read a novel or immerse yourself in interior design books (like we love to do). You can step into your kitchen, toss on an apron and intentionally prepare a meal for yourself and your loved ones.

And so, we are delighted to announce Anaway Home, a line of products selected with the same design sensibility that we pour into our cabins at Anaway Place.

The beautiful and durable products you will find at Anaway Home include:

Linen, sourced and manufactured in and around Lithuania with a refined soft texture and comforting and inspiring color palettes for all seasons.

Cutting boards, crafted just down the road from Anaway Place by an internationally renowned woodworker, each board individually hand-sanded from bird’s eye maple.

Clay tableware, thrown by hand at a pottery studio beloved for generations in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin near Anaway Place.

Blankets, sourced and loomed by master weavers and family run ateliers in Turkey, made from 100% cotton to last for years.

Decor pillows, crafted in a safe and fair workshop by Guinean artisans using centuries-old weaving and indigo dying traditions, combined with Nordic design.

Glassware hand blown from recycled glass by skilled artisans at an ethical workshop in Morocco, committed to fair wages, sustainable methods and reducing pollution.

Anaway Home is about slowing down, restorative consumption and simple living. It is about making our homes a place we feel inspired and rejuvenated. We believe that natural materials crafted by hand or consciously through supply chains that care for people and natural resources allow us to care for ourselves, one another and the planet.

Stay tuned to for the launch of our online store in a few short weeks.

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