Drift through the Driftless

August 26, 2022

Part One

Your travel guide through the Driftless region and the places we love.

Anaway Place is in the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin. A place where, to get anywhere, you must traverse rolling hills and see the vistas and countryside along the way, because ages ago, the area was missed by the glacial drift. The creeks teem with trout and other fish, hawks and eagles soar through the air and deer, foxes, and the occasional elk and cougar roam the woods.

Take a look at our website for things to do near Anaway Place, but if you are in the mood for a slow day driving in the area, here are our favorite partners and places we love. We think you will too.

Lower Wisconsin River Road

Head to Anaway Place first, and take the “river road”. State Road 60 is the scenic route. Coming West on Hwy 14 (from Madison) turn left on Hwy 60 at Gotham, and enjoy the 15 minutes (or more if you keep going) of gorgeous Wisconsin River views. If you want to stop along the way, you’ll find a few look out points off of State Road 60, but you can also visit Victoria Riverside Park for a place to get out and meander near the river.

Anaway Store

Stopping at Anaway Store is a must! We are now open to the public and offer all of the Anaway Home products you see online, plus a few larger items, vintage items and other finds that are sure to delight. We also offer Jeni’s ice cream, WiscoPop and plenty of snacks so you can take a refreshment break and pause at our outdoor tables, while taking in the pretty Anaway valley.

Business Hours:
Sunday - Friday: 2 - 6p
Saturday: 10a - 2p

Credit: Anaway Place

Mill Pond Park

Richland Center, our home town, offers delightful walking trails along the Pine River and Mill Pond, where kayaking and fishing is a favorite pastime of locals. Park at Mill Pond Park and wander through the paths in the lowland area around the pond, or walk along the sidewalk to the Mapleside Footbridge for a stroll along a unique, historic bridge with a beautiful view.

Court Street

Make your way to Court Street in Richland Center for a small town main street where the pace moves a bit slower. We have to call out our favorite bakery and deli in Richland Center, Christy’s Sunny Side offers delicious sandwiches, soups, and cupcakes and be sure to stop at Kelly’s Coffeehouse for an iced latte or coffee. Check online in advance to make sure you arrive during open hours!


Explore more of the Driftless on your drive to Viroqua, where you will find Wonderstate Coffee’s Main Street Cafe and Driftless Cafe, truly the best of the Wisconsin Driftless Area in terms of fresh roasted coffee and farm to table dining. It never hurts to make a reservation at a place like Driftless Cafe, as it is a favorite dining destination.

Credit: Driftless Cafe

We hope you find your way to the Driftless and we hope to see you at the Anaway Store.

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