Spring Dream Recap

March 31, 2022

Written by Katie Calnin

It's been a few days since we hosted our first floral workshop at Anaway, and we're still in spring dream land. There have been very few events at Anaway, and we had a few butterflies going in, but came out of our first floral workshop feeling more inspired than ever.  The weather outside was unseasonably chilly but our on-site store was nice and warm and filled with flowers for our event, so we quickly forgot the cold and let the scent of flowers transport us to spring. This special event created space to connect with others, slow down for an afternoon, and allow creativity to flow. Today, we are recapping our favorite moments and you can scroll to see the magic unfold.

All photography by: Caitlin Claire Studio

Our collaborator and talented friend, Sara Jihan Fassil, owner and florist of 1209Creative, lead the way and demonstrated how to make the most beautiful floral centerpiece with surprising and creative tips, including how to get those flowers to last a long time. Everyone was able to follow along with Sara and make a centerpiece that was unique to their liking.

All photography by: Caitlin Claire Studio

Anaway Place was proud to host this workshop at our on-site store which carries a variety of grocery items for guests to stock up for their stay and the Anaway Home collection. As the workshop came to an end, everyone left with a beautiful centerpiece, but more importantly, a renewed sense of artistic expression, connection to natural things and a reminder that gathering with others is deeply rewarding and rejuvenating.  We are so grateful for everyone who attended Spring Dream and we hope that this is just the beginning of hosting wonderful and meaningful experiences at Anaway.

All photography by: Caitlin Claire Studio

We want to give a special thank you to our dear friends that helped make this day a magical one to remember - we would have been a bit lost running around if it weren't for your support and enthusiasm :)

Jenni Gavin of Gavin Farms

Caitlin Claire Studio

Deedee Nitka

That's a wrap on our first ever floral workshop! We hope you enjoyed this recap and will continue to keep in touch with the Anaway happenings and special events.


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